Projectors: Perfect for family time

For many of us, when we think of gaming projectors we initially think that they are designed more for serious gamers who want to bring their gaming experience to the next level. The thing is – gaming projects can do a lot more than what meets the eye. One of the hidden benefits of purchasing a gaming projector is the fun that they can bring to family time. With lower prices and better availability, a gaming projector might be the next thing to keep your family happy.

Gaming Projectors and the Home Theater

One way that many gaming projector owners get the most bang for their buck is by using their projector not just for gaming. These projectors can serve a dual purpose and make a great projector for a home cinema theater. Advances in technology and projects made for double duty mean that your gaming projector can also display your favorite movie. Some movie buffs have even gone so far as to say that gaming projectors will blow movie night away. A simple white wall and projector can turn any living room, basement or even back yard into the ultimate family movie spot.

Get Kids Involved

While there is research that shows how video games can negatively impact children’s development, other studies have shown very different results. Recent studies have shown that age appropriate games can actually help children’s development. From everything from the development of problem solving skills to enhanced hand eye coordination, the right video games can help children develop their skills.

By including some family-friendly video games to your family game night, you can have fun and help kids learn. Family video game night offers opportunities to both bond and learn. Playing these ideal games on the big screen allows kids and parents to get involved in the fun. What better way to bond than while battling it out on the big screen?

Cool Games for Kids

While Call of Duty or Assassins Creed might not be the best family friendly, choices – the video game industry rolls out a number of kid-friendly video games each year that are fun for both kids and adults. Digital Trends outlined some of the biggest hits among video games geared towards family fun and learning. Here are just a few of their top picks:

My Word Coach – This game created by Nintendo is a great way to help kids hone their vocabulary skills and have fun at the same time.

Smarty Pants – This trivia game is created for kids and adults of all ages. Up to four players can play at any time, making it a great choice for families.

National Geographic Challenge – Available on various platforms, this game takes players on a cinematic journey around the globe.

Playing these and the many other family video games on the big screen is sure to delight Moms, Dads and kids of all ages.

A gaming projector might just be the answer to family time boredom. Instead of a small screen experience, amp up your next family night by watching a movie or enjoy some family game time on your projector. You just might find that your gaming projector will lead to more time together as a family.